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Space Voyager/Press kit



Double Dice Games, based in Marseille, France


iOS, Android, Steam

Release date

29 April 2022



Space voyager is a solo one-finger action/puzzle game. Swipe your way through space, but keep an eye of the fuel gauge !

With 50 levels to complete, Space Voyager is a unique and challenging game with hours of gameplay.


Simple one-finger gameplay, drag and release to travel through space.

50 levels with many different space things to handle.

Extra challenge modes for each level : bronze, silver, gold, time and star medals.

Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Original music and handcrafted audio.



Logo & Icon

iOS App Store :

Google Play Store :

Steam :

About developers

Space Voyager is made by Double Dice Games, in collaboration with Colorswap Studios.

Double Dice Games is a French Studio made up of one person: Julien Delample. Julien has many experiences in making video games, including the design and programming of Freakout Calamity TV Show, available on Steam, Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

Composed of Rafael & Luis Torres, Colorswap is a french audio production studio. Colorswap already worked with several successful studios like The Pixel Hunt (Bury me my love), Arte (Family gathering) or Atomic Raccoon (Stay Safe).


Julien Delample

Game Design, Level Design, Programming and Arts.

Luis Torres

Composer and Sound Designer.

Rafael Torres

Composer and Sound Designer.